We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions for all our mama's. If you don't see a question you want an answer to, we are an open book so please reach out to us and will be quick to respond to you.

what are you doing to keep up with the safety standards with covid-19?

Studio cleanliness has always been a priority at Adriane Baden Photography.

Things we currently do consistently:

-Clean studio in between clients

-Fabric's such as studio wardrobes, wraps and washable fabrics are all sanitized between every single client

-Regular hand washing + sanitizing thru out the session

New implemented procedures and precautions due to Covid19

-Extra hand sanitizing + mask worn by photographer

-48 hours scheduled in between all studio clients

-Limiting to only IMMEDIATE Family members for all newborn sessions. In addition siblings will no longer be able to stay in the studio. For newborn sessions, they will need to arrive either right in the beginning and be asked to leave after we complete that portion of the session or the very end of the newborn session.

-Infant studio portrait sessions will only be scheduled with primary caretaker and infant being photographed.

-All newborn sessions will now be scheduled upon two weeks of leaving the hospital.

-No shoes allowed in the studio. We will kindly ask that you remove shoes at the door.

when should i schedule my maternity session?

Maternity sessions should be scheduled once you reach your second semester. Ideally we would like to ensure you are photographed between 32-34 weeks pregnant. If you are further along in your pregnancy and planned last minute to get a session in, please contact us to see if we still have availability to quickly get you in.

WHen should I schedule my newborn session?

Newborn sessions should be scheduled as soon as you hit your second trimester. We only take on so many newborns a month to ensure space on the calendar. If you just had your baby and decided you DO want newborn portraits and did not reach out prior to your newborn being born, please reach out to see if we can accommodate you. Due to Covid19, all newborn sessions will now be done between days 15-30 days. We can not risk bringing in families and babies that have been potentially exposed being in the hospital so for the safety of myself, other clients and your family, we are very strict on this new policy now. We understand that many fathers go back to work after the two week mark and will work to try and coordinate a time to get either dad in the session right in the beginning and he can leave or you come back later in the day for family images. Newborn sessions are not done in the studio on weekends. We schedule all newborn sessions Monday-Friday starting at 9:30am.

DO YOU provide a full wardrobe?

I supply a full wardrobe for all maternity clients, newborns as well as infant portraiture. For all children over the age of 18 months, we can work together to find the perfect outfit to either bring from your home collection or from a list of vendors I recommend to use and your purchase from the vendor for an outfit will receive a credit towards your session for additional images.

Where & When do your outdoor sessions take place?

I have locations that I pick out that reflect my style and flow with photography. I primarily shoot in northern Macomb County at Stony Creek metro park. Some sessions with outdoor photography for newborns and infants, take place on my property in Macomb Township. I do have other spots that I do shoot at and provide that information to my clients upon booking. All outdoor sessions starting in 2020 will ONLY take place an hour and half prior to sunset. In the summer that means 7:45pm start time and early fall is 6:00pm. We understand that sometimes this might be difficult at times to keep your infant up that late but trust me when I say the images come out the best when lighting is at optimal timing for my brand and style of photography.